5 Apps That Help You Safeguard Your Identity From Hackers

Do you constantly feel worried that your smartphone or laptop is going to get hacked and you will end up losing all your money? In that case, you are not alone. There are millions out there who deposit checks on smartphones, pay through public networks, and submit their personal information to apps every minute. The trick to safeguarding your private data is to make sure you have access to security tools that can protect such data from hackers and cyber criminals during transactions. Here are some of the best-known security apps for keeping your data safe from hackers:

  1. Clueful: This app from Bit defender is free of cost and works on both iOS and Android platforms. Most buyers overlook the need for security when they download an app on their smartphones. Security is very important when you install trading apps like bitcoin up app which executes the bitcoin trade autonomously. Otherwise, all your hard earned will be taken away by the hackers. This can be a major problem since many apps will store sensitive information about you and use such data in ways that you cannot even imagine. For instance, when you download free apps, most include ad components in them. So, your personal data is collected and stored by ad networks; they can use this as and when they want to. Clueful is trustworthy as a scanning tool which will tell you how an app views your privacy. So, it will draw your attention to any dangerous software or malware that may be hidden in an app.
  2. Find My iPhone/ Android Device Manager: This is needed to protect your data in case your smartphone gets stolen physically by a thief. Smartphone thefts are quite common and perhaps the easiest way to get information about anyone. When you are an iPhone user you can access the pre-installed My iPhone app to track location of a stolen device. You can even access your data and erase it remotely if you find the phone has fallen in wrong hands. For Android users the app is Android Device Manager.
  3. Now Secure Mobile: This is another free security app that works for both Android and Apple devices. Some phones are highly susceptible to malware allowing others to the phones remotely. Hackers can easily access files stored in the phone, eavesdrop on calls, and brose through your personal data. The investors who make money on a daily basis have to safeguard their data. Specifically when using automated trading apps; read this bitcoin trader review to know how they operate and store data. learn Trader This app will monitor your smartphone’s operating system, other apps and network for security loopholes. It accesses these vulnerabilities and generates security scores; this helps you understand what kind of data is going out or getting into your phone.
  4. Sky cure: Many people access the Internet through their phones and this is why network hacks or cyber attacks through public Wi-Fi are rampant. Public Wi-Fi can be dangerous as it is easily intercepted, whether you are using your own laptop or a smartphone in an airport, café, or library. To counter this threat you should download Sky cure which is designed to detect these malicious networks. It stores their locations so that it cannot hurt other app users. This is a free app for Android and iOS phones.
  5. Last Pass: Most people access social media sites and other online accounts through their phones. These should ideally be protected with string passwords but remembering these may be a challenge. A password manager like Last Pass may be the best solution for you; it stores and saves passwords and you are spared of the hassle of remembering them when you log into a site using a computer or smartphone.