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Emotion Recognition (EMORE)

Workshop Details
The aim of the international workshop EMORE,hosted at ICCSA 2014 ( is to present, discuss and ideate new emotion recognition techniques in any AI-related task, bringing together researchers and practitioners for stimulating cooperation and cross-fertilization between different communities focused on research, development and applications of emotion recognition. EMORE is a preliminar discussion forum for ACER (, and future events where the authors are also invited to submit novel researches on Affective Computing. Aiming at this collaboration path, EMORE also welcomes papers on ongoing projects and PhD showcases, as well as applications, data sets, novel techniques, and multimodal or interdiscipinar approaches to emotion recognition.
03 July 2017 - 06 July 2017   Trieste, Italy (University of Trieste)
Call for Papers

Emotion Recognition became a key scenario for artificial intelligence and data mining systems, as well as for social network analysis.
Various emotion-mining techniques can be exploited for creating and automating personalized interfaces or subcomponent technology for larger systems, i.e. in business intelligence, affective tutoring, recommender systems, social robots.
Different from sentiment analysis, this approach works at a deeper level of abstraction, aiming at recognizing specific emotions and not only the positive/negative sentiment; in order to extract, manage and predict emotions in limited sets, based on novel models of emotions, or on well-accepted models e.g., the Ekman and Plutchik models.
Topics include, but are not limited to:
· Semantic Emotion Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Emotion extraction from text;
· Facial emotion recognition, emotion recognition using visual features, gesture recognition;
· Emotional states associated with music, audio or speech sources;
· Emotion extraction from Brain Interfaces, EMG sensors, motion sensors;
· Applications of emotion recognition to business intellligence and marketing strategies;
· Applications of emotion recognition to government intelligence;
· Applications of emotion recognition to intelligent interfaces;
· Applications of emotion recognition to social robots and syntetic interfaces;
· Emotions in the crowds and in social networks, link prediction;
· Emotions ontologies, measures for emotions, emotion process mining;
· Models of emotions, data sets for emotion recognition.

Papers must be original contributions written in English and must be submitted through the ICCSA Electronic Submission site (
· Full Paper (10-16 pages)
· Short Paper (7-9 pages)
Please upload all submissions in LNCS format.

Deadline:  17 April 2017
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