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Fuzz-IEEE 2017 [Special Session on Social Signal Processing]

Workshop Details
The IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (Fuzz-IEEE) is the top leading conference in the field on theory and applications of Fuzzy Logic. This year, a Special Session focusing on the role of this kind of approaches to Social Signal Processing will be held. Areas of interest cover emotion recognition and synthesis, gestures and facial expression recognition and synthesis, social interaction analysis.
09 July 2017 - 12 July 2017   Napoli (Italy)
Call for Papers

IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems - July 9-12 2017 - Naples (Italy)

Special Session: Handling Uncertainties in Social Signal Processing


Social Signal Processing (SSP) is a discipline that aims at giving an accurate interpretation and

appropriate display of social signals using multimodal signal processing, which are inherently

characterised by high levels of imprecisions and uncertainties, by means of artificial/computational

intelligence techniques. Thanks to these techniques, SSP attempts to automatically capture non

verbal behavioural cues (emotions, facial expressions, prosody, gestures, postures, etc.) that

accompany any human-human (and human-machine) interaction. A peculiarity of social signals is

that they can take the form of complex constellations of nonverbal behavioral cues. SSP involves

a multidisciplinary collaboration between human sciences (psychology, anthropology, sociology,

etc.) and technology (computer vision, speech analysis and synthesis, machine learning, signal

processing, etc.), making the whole process a big challenge for computational intelligence

community. The main goal of this session is to collect high-quality papers where computational

methods based on fuzzy reasoning are used to face this tough challenge in SSP.


The topics include but are not limited to applications of Fuzzy Logics to:

➢ Social psychology and social signals processing

➢ Facial behaviour analysis and synthesis in social interactions

➢ Expressive speech analysis and synthesis in social interactions

➢ Human gesture and action recognition and synthesis in social interactions

➢ Multimodal human behavior analysis and synthesis in social interactions

➢ Design of socially-adept embodied conversational agents


Important dates:

➢ January 25, 2017: Deadline for paper submission

➢ March 10, 2017: Notification of acceptance for papers

➢ April 8, 2017: Deadline for camera-ready paper submission

➢ April 10, 2017: Deadline for early registration

➢ July 9-12, 2017: Conference dates


Submission instructions:

Manuscripts must be submitted using the paper submission website of Fuzz-IEEE 2017 at Please select the special session title

under the list of research topics in the submission system. Papers submitted to special sessions

will be subject to the same peer-review procedure as the regular papers and will be published in

the FUZZ-IEEE proceedings. To format your paper, please follow the instructions on the Fuzz-

IEEE 2017 website.


Organizing Committee


Franco Cutugno - University of Naples "Federico II"

Antonio Origlia - University of Naples "Federico II"

Alenssandro Vinciarelli - University of Glasgow and Idiap Research Institute

Deadline:  25 January 2017
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