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20 August 2017 - 24 August 2017   Stockholm, Sweden

The Interspeech 2017 Computational Paralinguistics ChallengE (ComParE) is an open Challenge dealing with states and traits of speakers as manifested in their speech signal’s acoustic properties. There have so far been eight consecutive Challenges at INTERSPEECH since 2009, but there still exists a multiplicity of not yet covered, but highly relevant paralinguistic phenomena. Thus, we introduce three new tasks in this year’s edition.

Deadline:  14 March 2017

Affective Computing and Emotion Recognition (ACER@WI)

23 August 2017 - 26 August 2017   Leipzig, Germany (Leipzig University)

Affective computing became a key scenario for Artificial Intelligence. Various emotion-mining techniques can be exploited for creating and automating personalized interfaces or subcomponent technology for larger systems, i.e. in business intelligence, affective tutoring, recommender systems, social robots. Different from sentiment analysis, this approach works at a deeper level of abstraction, aiming to recognize specific emotions and not only the positive/negative sentiment, to extract, manage and predict emotions in limited sets, basing on well-accepted or novel models, thus to use them to be reported/classified or understood/elicited/expressed by a machine. The aim of the ACER workshop is to explore the Emotion Recognition area in depth, and to present, discuss and ideate novel affective computing and emotion recognition techniques in WI-related task, providing a cross-fertilized network of different communities focused on research, development and applications of emotion recognition.

Deadline:  01 May 2017

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