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This is the AAAC know-how melting pot, a collaborative document editing environment at the service of the research community. As it uses wiki technology, all registered members can edit this set of pages and add new pages. This wiki is a means to foster "bottom-up" interaction and information exchange, it grew out of the centrally organised "top-down" activities in the European research project HUMAINE and its formal deliverables.

If you wish to contribute (please do so): Content should be scientific but rather on an overview level, and may consist of overview articles, reviews, comparisons, literature references, and references to other sources of information.  (read more about our aims and the scope of this website).

Emotions in Human-Machine Interaction

The research area can be structured in a number of ways. The HUMAINE Thematic Areas are a structure proposal designed to cut across typical boundaries between disciplines, and thus foster interdisciplinary discussion.

One of the goals of AAAC is to work towards a common vocabulary. Glossary is an open forum for proposing and discussing definitions of terms used for describing emotions and related concepts. A more formal recommendation for a glossary of definitions was part of the HUMAINE workpackage on Theories and Models of emotion.

Collections of pointers to existing resources

Links to existing, web-based demonstrators.
Links to related projects.

Collection of existing databases, produced by the HUMAINE workpackage on Data and Databases.

Disclaimer: Because of its community-based nature, the wiki must not be taken as an authoritative source of information nor as representing the opinion of AAAC.
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