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Workshop on “Gesticons for Expressive Embodied Conversational Characters

12 December 2003, OFAI, Vienna

Organized by:  Brigitte Krenn (OFAI), Catherine Pelachaud (Universite de Paris 8), Thomas Rist (DFKI), Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann (MIRALAB)

The workshop was jointly organized by the IST projects NECA, MagiCster and lifeplus, and the German BMBF project Virtual Human. The purpose of the working meeting was to bring together researchers and developers of embodied conversational characters to exchange ideas and experiences regarding the conceptualization and meaning of gestures, scope, and suitable representation formats that allow for an efficient implementation that can be used across characters and applications. Details of the workshop can be found under A summary of the workshop is available under

The workshop is seen as a starting point for further exchange of know-how and collaboration in the area of gesture modelling, representation and assignment as defined in HUMAINE's WP6 "Emotion in Interaction".

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