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ArcheSense: A Tool for Evaluation of Affective Experience


Affective computing offered novel approaches for measurement and evaluation of emotional experience. One of these approaches is based on the monitoring of physiological activations related to specific emotional states. Unlike retrospective self-reports and questionnaires, analysis of physiological data enables researchers to avoid the subjective bias in evaluation of human experience. As affective computing and related disciplines continue growing, a tool that could simplify and automate the process of collecting, processing, and interpreting physiological signals would be a very powerful instrument for researchers. ArcheSense is a tool for evaluation of affective experience that supports the following steps for identification of patterns in physiological activations: recording of physiological signals, extraction of features, reduction of dimensionality, and classification or estimation. Moreover, ArcheSense enables researchers to investigate emotional experiences of people in ecologically valid, realistic environments. ArcheSense was developed as an application for Android operating system and supports collection of physiological data in a wireless manner. As our initial findings suggested, ArcheSense could streamline the pipeline of collection, processing, and interpretation of physiological signals. Moreover, it could reduce the necessity of allocating extra research efforts on the technical aspects of an experiment for evaluation of affective experience.





ArcheSense can be freely downloaded from Google Play using this URL:

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