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GTrace (General Trace program) is the successor to FEELtrace and the tools used to label the HUMAINE database. It allows users to play a video of a person and create 'traces' which show how the person's emotions appear to be changing over time. It includes over 50 scales, and also allows users to create their own. Alternative ways of using the scales are provided. It runs on current versions of Windows. A manual provides broad background as well as instructions for use.





Cowie, R. & McKeown, G. (2010) Statistical analysis of data from initial labelled database and recommendations for an economical coding scheme. SEMAINE deliverable D6b. Available from ‘downloads’ at

Cowie, R., Cox, C, Martin, J-C, Batliner, A., Heylen, D. & Karpouzis, K, (2011) Issues in Data Labelling In Petta P., Pelachaud C. & Cowie R. (eds) Emotion-Oriented Systems: The Humaine Handbook Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg pp 215- 244

McKeown, G, Valstar, M. Cowie, R., Pantic, M, & Schr¨oder, M (2011) The SEMAINE database: annotated multimodal records of emotionally coloured conversations between a person and a limited agent To appear in IEEE Transactions of Affective Computing Special issue of Resources for Affective Computing.


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