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NXT FeelTrace


NXTFeelTrace is an implementation of the Belfast FeelTrace annotation tool integrated into the NXT toolkit.
It's main features are:

* as it is written in Java, it is completely platform independent

* the fact that it is integrated in the NXT toolkit allows researchers to create corpora where the dimensional emotion annotations from FeelTrace are seamlessly combined with all the other types of annotation supported by the NXT toolkit. This makes it easier to investigate the relation of (continuous, 2D) emotion to aspects such as discourse, gestures and other kinds of verbal and non-verbal behaviour.

* its integration into NXT provides access to the replay and search facilities embedded into NXT, as well as the facilities for keeping track of multiple 'sessions' or 'observations' , multiple FeelTrace annotations on the same observation and the modules for doing reliability inspection on those annotations.





D. Reidsma, D.H.W. Hofs and N. Jovanovic A presentation of a set of new annotation tools based on the NXT API, Measuring Behaviour 2005, Wageningen, NL, 2005


It is in the process of being streamlined and documented (more). After that, it will be released as Open Source program through the NXT portal on

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