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Head Pose and Eye Gaze (HPEG) Dataset


Webcam videos of users displaying ranges of eye gaze and head pose. Ground truth for head pose is provided via a set of LEDs mounted on the user's head.
Eye gaze and head pose can be related with the user's attention towards the screen, an object or another user. This dataset has been used to train an eye gaze/head pose estimation tool in the context of students reading off screen.



S. Asteriadis, D. Soufleros, K. Karpouzis, S. Kollias, "A Natural Head Pose and Eye Gaze Dataset", International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces (ICMI 2009), November 2-6, Boston, MA.


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Face: head rotation
Ethical Clearance Issues:

Users signed consent form.

Purpose of collection:

Modelling user attention; estimating whether users look at computer screen/camera or not.

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