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UCLIC Affective Body Posture and Motion Database


The UCLIC Affective Body Posture and Motion Database consists of affective motion capture recordings in 2 different settings.

- Naturalistic body motions of 11 people in a video game context (playing Wii sports).

- Acted body motions of 13 non-professional actors portraying angry, fear, happy and sad emotions.

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The acted corpus:
A. Kleinsmith, R. De Silva, N. Bianchi-Berthouze, "Cross-Cultural Differences in Recognizing Affect from Body Posture", Interacting with Computers, 18 (6), 1371-1389, 2006

N. Bianchi-Berthouze, A. Kleinsmith "A categorical approach to affective gesture recognition", Connection Science, V. 15, N. 4, pp. 259-269, 2003

Andrea Kleinsmith, Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze, "Recognizing Affective Dimensions from Body Posture", Proceedings of the Int. Conf. of Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction, LNCS 4738, 48-58, Lisboa (Portugal), September 2007


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Fact Sheet
Categorized by modality:
Ethical Clearance Issues:

The motion capture data consists of the numerical positions of body joints in a 3D space, therefore the anonymity of the participants is preserved.

Ethical clearance has been obtained for the naturalistic data.

The acted data was collected at a university which does not require ethical clearance to be obtained.

Purpose of collection:

To create an automatic affective recognition system using body posture.


Naturalistic: .bvh files

Acted: .csm files

Elicitation method:

Naturalistic: Non-acted affective body postures and motions were exhibited by participants while playing Wii sports games. The participants were not aware of the purpose of the study.

Acted: Participants were asked to perform their own idea of angry, fear, happy and sad emotions through bodily expression. No constraints were placed on the actors in how they performed each emotional posture.


Naturalistic: 35 files. Acted: 183 files.

How was emotion determined?:

Naturalistic: Labelling is still underway.

Acted: 108 postures have been labelled according to emotion category and affective dimensions.

- Emotion category: 3 different groups of observers: 25 Japanese, 25 Sri Lankans and 20 Caucasian Americans.

- Affective dimensions: Arousal, valence, potency and avoidance. At present, a group of 7 observers.

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