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Affective Diary


The purpose of the system Affective Diary is to allow for reflection that goes beyond the purely intellectual experiences and instead aids users in remembering their embodied emotional experiences. The system collects a range of materials: biosensor data; sent and received mobile phone text messages (SMSs); photos taken; and nearby Bluetooth devices. These materials are arranged across a timeline on a tablet PC. Users can work with, alter, and scribble on top of the collected materials. The biosensor data are represented as an anthropomorphic, abstract character with different postures depending on users’ level of physical activity, as measured by a pedometer, and coloured depending on users’ level of arousal, as measured by a GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) sensor.





Lindström, Madlene, Ståhl, Anna, Höök, Kristina, Sundström, Petra, Laaksolahti, Jarmo, Combetto, Marco, Taylor, Alex, and Bresin, Roberto (2006) Affective Diary - Designing for Bodily Expressiveness and Self-Reflection, In proceedings of the ACM SIGCHI conference Computer-Human Interaction (CHI2006), Work in Progress paper, ACM Press, 2006. (Extended abstract)


The Affective Diary works if you have a TabletPC, a fairly advanced mobile phone (e g K800) and a sensorbracelet from BodyMedia Company. If you have access to this hardware, you can then get the software from Martin Svensson,

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