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The origins of emotion technology

Posted by Ian Wilson |

In parallel with discovering patents we would also benefit from building and collating a database of the "family tree" of emotion related technology publications.

In searching for "prior art" we only need to find some publicly disclosed source that shows the same invention / process that was disclosed before the date that the patent was filed. However, it would be more efficient to find, for any technology area, the oldest known source of publicly disclosed information. Outside of the patent scope this is interesting to know anyway.

Ideally papers, books, articles etc that were published before 1990 which would, in effect, pre date any currently enforceable patent (if we take the length of a patents monopoly to be 20 years, but this can vary of course). Obviously, most work is much more recent than this but I am sure we can find systems that were envisioned or developed much earlier. These could even be other patents, a previous patent can, and usually are, used as prior art references but "out of date" patents would be ideal.

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