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Search parameters

Posted by Ian Wilson |

How we have been searching for patents

To date I have used the web site Free Patents Online to search for patents as it has an easy interface and collates patents from several sources. Using the advanced search parameters we can construct complex queries. This particular service collates results from the US, Japanese, European and World Patent Offices (while some results, mainly Japanese ones are only the title and abstract).

One nice feature this system has, that we are not using, is word "stemming" where "emotion" as a keyword would match "emotional". Unfortunately this also results in a great many "false positives" that would need to be removed and for this reason I have not used it to date.

A full explanation of the syntax of this services query language is here but for our searches so far this is what I have used:

ABST/(emotion OR personality) AND ABST/(animation OR simulation OR speech OR detection OR recognition)

Where "ABST" means "abstract" This search resulted in around 50 pending patents and around 200 granted patents. Obviously anything outside of this logic or and anything not part of the abstract will not match and so we would miss those patents. So the next query I have run and have results to enter is this:

ABST/(emotional OR emotive OR feelings OR mood) AND ABST/(animation OR simulation OR speech OR detection OR recognition)

This has resulted in 270 granted patents so far although many may be duplicated and we have to remove those. All are welcome to search and add more relevant patents. If you have suggestions for alternate keywords try and search and give us the results.

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