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A robotic cellular phone is disclosed. The robotic cellular phone includes a self-environmental recognition function part, a mobility function part, and an emotion function part. The self-environmental recognition function part is for recognizing an external environment by a photo sensor for a sensing luminosity of a surrounding device; a temperature sensor for sensing temperatures of the surrounding device; and a touch sensor for sensing a touch between a human and the surrounding device. The mobility function part is for moving the antenna to an optimum location to increase a sending or receiving signal sensitivity and for opening and closing a folder by using a plurality of wheels formed on a part of rechargeable battery. The emotion function part is for identifying a sender by comparing data between sender telephone information included a receiving signal and a telephone data stored in an internal memory; and for making a different vibration according to an emotional pattern by modeling a frequency of a vibrator based on a major or minor key harmony or for spraying perfume through a micro-nozzle.
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