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Progress to date

Posted by Ian Wilson |

The current state of the Patent SIG

The first batch of pending and granted patents have been added to the system. So far this is just the title and abstract of the patent with a link to the full patent data, which will be added in due course (volunteers always welcome, ask how you can help).

The current batch covers only a limited number of search keywords (more later) and as we progress more will be added. The relevance of the results vary and this is one of the major difficulties with Patent searches, that we can collectively improve upon, that they are very much tied to (generally English) semantics. Many in this community like to use "affect" but this produces poor search results as it is used interchangeably with "effect" which perhaps many people think has the same meaning (I certainly did, who knew?). Hopefully with the help of the community we can progressively focus on the most relevant patents and remove irrelevant ones (but be careful here, one persons emotion is anothers mood, is anothers hormone modulation, is anothers kansei...)

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