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PURPOSE: To add interest by outputting a montage while changing a face or body corresponding to the emotion of an operator, etc., by recognizing an input voice, changing parts patterns corresponding to the contents and changing the montage. CONSTITUTION: The voice inputted from a voice input part 3 is recognized by a voice recognition part 25, and the volume is detected by a volume detection part 26. When it is decided the volume is less than a set value, a parts pattern number group corresponding to the voice number ('0' showing a silent state in this case) of the recognized voice (such as 'bark', for example), is read out of a montage RAM 24a, each parts pattern corresponding to this is read out of a basic parts pattern ROM 22a. This parts pattern is synthesized to the montage by a synthetic RAM 29, and the synthesized montage is displayed and outputted to a display part 2. Thus, the output state of the montage can be changed corresponding to the contents or characteristics of the voice, and the face of a human being or an animal can be variously changed. COPYRIGHT: (C)1994,JPO&Japio
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