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Launch of the Patent SIG

The Patent SIG is collecting information about patents and patent applications in the area of emotion-related technology. According to our preliminary searches, several hundred patents already exist in the area.

The SIG members are going to build up a list of patents over time, and all HUMAINE Association members can comment on these patents: are the claims truly novel, or can you point to prior art?

As emotion-related technology is entering into the marketplace, the role of patents is increasing. As one entry point for a patent search, the HUMAINE Patent SIG can help technology providers to reduce the risk of inadvertently infringing a patent.

Furthermore, by commenting on the novelty of patent claims, the research community can help verify whether a patent seems valid. As a result, patent holders can assess their chances of defending a patent in view of possible infringements. On the other hand, references to prior art may discourage patent holders from aggressively using their patents against competitors.

As a result, we hope that the Patent SIG helps pave the way for an openly thriving market in emotion-oriented technology.

The SIG Board:

Ian Wilson, Emotion AI Limited
Marc Schröder, DFKI GmbH
Paolo Petta, OFAI

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