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Article Reference Exploring cross-modality affective reactions for audiovisual emotion recognition
Psycholinguistic studies on human communication have shown that during human interaction individuals tend to adapt their behaviors mimicking the spoken style, ...
Article Reference Emotional Prosody - Does Culture Make A Difference?
We report on a multilingual comparison study on the effects of prosodic changes on emotional speech. The study was conducted in France, Germany, Greece and ...
Article Reference How children feel about their fathers' work in the hi-tech sector
Article Reference The role of communicating social emotions accompanying apologies in forgiveness
Article Reference Using Theory of Mind Methods to Investigate Empathic Engagement with Synthetic Characters
Incollection Reference Emotion Recognition Using Physiological and Speech Signal in Short-Term Observation
Incollection Reference Developing a consistent view on emotion-oriented computing
Article Reference Listeners' emotional engagement with performances of a Skriabin etude: An explorative Study
Misc Reference Experiments, analysis and models of motor activation as a component of an emotional process
News Item An empirical approach for evaluating the usability of model-driven tools
Paper accepted in the Science of Computer Programming journal
Proceedings Reference Perception of Emotions from Static Postures
The modelling of affective behaviour and appropriate bodily expression to make synthetic characters more believable becomes important in many types of ...
Article Reference The influence of the perceptions of HRM practices on perceived service quality and the contribution of trust to the interaction between them
Inproceedings Reference Gaze Behavior, Believability, Likability and the iCat
Inproceedings Reference Evaluating synthetic actors
Page Social interaction with robots and agents: Where do we stand, where to do we go?
ACII 2009 Special Session organized by Eva Hudlicka, Sabine Payr, and Rodrigo Ventura (chair: Sabine Payr)
Inproceedings Reference Person or Puppet? The Role of Stimulus Realism in Attributing Emotion to Static Body Postures
Knowledge of the relation between body posture and the perception of affect is limited. Existing studies of emotion attribution to static body postures vary in ...
Inproceedings Reference Towards Detecting Cognitive Load and Emotions in Usability Studies Using the RealEYES Framework
In this paper we discuss recent extensions to the RealEYES framework for usability studies which allow to integrate affect sensing devices (namely the EREC ...
Inproceedings Reference Scripted dialogs versus improvisation: Lessons learned about emotional elicitation techniques from the IEMOCAP database
Recording high quality data is an important step in the study of emotions. Given the inherent limitations and complexities of the current approaches to capture ...
Inproceedings Reference Recording audio-visual emotional databases from actors: a closer look
Research on human emotional behavior, and the development of automatic emotion recognition and animation systems, rely heavily on appropriate audio-visual ...
Inproceedings Reference Joint Analysis of the Emotional Fingerprint in the Face and Speech: A single subject study
In daily human interaction, speech and gestures are used to express an intended message, enriched with verbal and non-verbal information. Although many ...
Inproceedings Reference Interplay between linguistic and affective goals in facial expression during emotional utterances
Communicative goals are simultaneously expressed through gestures and speech to convey messages enriched with valuable verbal and non-verbal clues. This paper ...
Inproceedings Reference Issues in emotion-oriented computing - towards a shared understanding
Inproceedings Reference Perception of non-verbal emotional listener feedback
Article Reference Cross-language perception of voice and affect
Incollection Reference Methods for Evaluating a Dramatic Game
Inproceedings Reference Are Computer-generated Emotions and Moods plausible to Humans?
Inproceedings Reference "Regulation of emotional attitudes for a better interaction: Field study in call centres,"
Inproceedings Reference Emotional prosody - does culture make a difference?
Inproceedings Reference “What does it feel like to lose? Emotions elicited in a voice operated gambling game”
Inproceedings Reference “Collection and evaluation of an emotional speech corpus using event recollection”
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