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Inproceedings Reference A semantic description of gesture in BML
Article Reference A Virtual Head Driven by Music Expressivity
Inproceedings Reference Implementing distinctive behavior for conversational agents
Inproceedings Reference Dynamic behavior qualifiers for conversational agents
Inproceedings Reference Fuzzy Similarity of Facial Expressions of Embodied Agents.
Incollection Reference Facial Deception in Humans and ECAs.
Inproceedings Reference Model of Facial Expressions Management for an Embodied Conversational Agent
Incollection Reference Towards a Multicultural ECA Tour Guide System
In this article we present an ongoing project in our research group, an ECA based multicultural tour guide system. Tour guide ECA agent provides information ...
Inbook Reference Facial Gestures: Taxonomy and Application of Nonverbal, Nonemotional Facial Displays for Embodied Conversational Agents
Article Reference Emotional Prosody - Does Culture Make A Difference?
We report on a multilingual comparison study on the effects of prosodic changes on emotional speech. The study was conducted in France, Germany, Greece and ...
Inproceedings Reference Physiologically interactive gaming with the 3D agent Max
Physiologically interactive (or affective) gaming refers to research on the evocation and detection of emotion during game play [21]. In this paper, we first ...
Inproceedings Reference Empathy for Max (preliminary project report)
This paper first describes two independently conducted research strands on affective human-computer interaction: one on an emotion simulation system for an ...
Inproceedings Reference Evaluating affective feedback of the 3D agent Max in a competitive cards game
Within the field of Embodied Conversational Agents (ECAs), the simulation of emotions has been suggested as a means to enhance the believability of ECAs and ...
Inproceedings Reference Simulating the emotion dynamics of a multimodal conversational agent
We describe an implemented system for the simulation and visualisation of the emotional state of a multimodal conversational agent called Max. The focus of the ...
Inproceedings Reference Expressive speech synthesis: evaluation of a voice quality centered coder on the different acoustic dimensions
Article Reference Fusion of Children's Speech and 2D Gestures when Conversing with 3D Characters
Incollection Reference Developing a consistent view on emotion-oriented computing
Incollection Reference Computational humor and Prospects for Advertising
Inproceedings Reference Facial Displays, Emotional Expressions and Conversational Acts
Article Reference Head Gestures, Gaze and the Principles of Conversational Structure
Inproceedings Reference Establishing Rapport with a Virtual Dancer.
Incollection Reference Social Interfaces for Ambient Intelligence Environments
Inproceedings Reference Comparison of Silhouette Shape Descriptors for Example-based Human Pose Recovery
Inproceedings Reference Towards Bi-directional Dancing Interaction
Inproceedings Reference On the timing of gestures of a Virtual Physiotherapist
Inproceedings Reference Perception of Blended Emotions: From Video Corpus to Expressive Agent
Inproceedings Reference Gesture expressivity modulations in an ECA application
Inproceedings Reference Analysis of gesture expressivity modulations from cartoons animations
Inproceedings Reference Towards a Common Framework for Multimodal Generation in ECAs: The Behavior Markup Language
Article Reference Expressions Intelligentes des Emotions
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