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Page Emotional brain-computer interface
ACII 2009 MiniTutorial by Gary Garcia Molina
Inproceedings Reference Characterizing Emotion in the Soundtrack of an Animated Film: Credible or Incredible?
Article Reference Exploring cross-modality affective reactions for audiovisual emotion recognition
Psycholinguistic studies on human communication have shown that during human interaction individuals tend to adapt their behaviors mimicking the spoken style, ...
Article Reference Detecting Anger in Automated Voice Portal Dialogs
Anger detection is a topic that is gaining more and more attention with voice portal carriers, as it can be useful for quality measurement and emotion-aware ...
Inproceedings Reference Multimodal and cross-modal analysis of expressive gesture in tangible acoustic interfaces
Article Reference De la construction du corpus émotionnel au système de détection : le point de vue applicatif de la surveillance dans les lieux publics
Incollection Reference Developing a consistent view on emotion-oriented computing
Inproceedings Reference Detecting anger in automated voice portal dialogs
Inproceedings Reference Emotional Body Movements
Inproceedings Reference Basic Emotions from Body Movements
Inproceedings Reference Combining Efforts for Improving Automatic Classification of Emotional User States
Incollection Reference The Gesture Interpretation Module
Incollection Reference Emotions Analysis and Emotion-Handling Subdialogues
Techreport Reference Phonetic Segmentation of the GEMEP-Corpus: Applying Forced Alignment on Emotional Speech
Report about the phonetic segmentation of emotional speech from the GEMEP corp us: documentation and evaluation of the application of forced alignment.
Inproceedings Reference Le etichette lessicali nelle ricerche sperimentali sulle emozioni: problemi teorici e metodologici
Inproceedings Reference Mixed Feelings About Using Phoneme-Level Models in Emotion Recognition
Misc Reference Measuring archetypal experiences with physiological sensors
Page Home page for RonaldMueller
Book Reference Audio-visuelle Emotionserkennung für die Mensch-Maschine-Interaktion
Die automatische Erkennung des Emotionszustandes ist ein aktuelles Forschungsgebiet im Bereich der Mensch-Maschine-Schnittstelle. Eine mögliche Anwendung ist ...
Page Guidelines for affective signal processing: From lab to life
ACII 2009 Special Session Chaired by Egon L. van den Broek and Joyce H.D.M. Westerink
Article Reference The SEMAINE API: Towards a standards-based framework for building emotion-oriented systems
This paper presents the SEMAINE API, an open source framework for building emotion-oriented systems. By encouraging and simplifying the use of standard ...
File Presentation Slides (excl. videos)
Inproceedings Reference Taking into Account the User's Focus of Attention with the Help of Audio-Visual Information: Towards less Artificial Human-Machine-Communication
Mastersthesis Reference Emotion Recognition from Speech using Hidden Markov Models
Article Reference Emotion Recognition based on Physiological Changes in Music Listening
Incollection Reference Multi-channel biosignal Analysis for Automatic Emotion Recognition
Article Reference Basic Emotions from Body Movements
There are many researchers that study the relationship between facial expression and verbal communication that relates with human emotions (Ekman, 1999; Izard, ...
Article Reference A Categorical approach to affective gesture recognition
Studies on emotion are currently receiving a lot of attention. The importance of emotion in the development and support of intelligent and social behaviour has ...
Incollection Reference Toward effective automatic recognition systems of emotion in speech
Speech is arguably the most important expressive communication modality. It conveys emotional cues that are essential for enriching descriptions of human and ...
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