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Research on Affective Computing, Emotions and Human-Machine Interaction

The Association for the Advancement of Affective Computing

AV+EC 2015: 5th International Audio/Visual+ Emotion Challenge and Workshop
The Audio/Visual Emotion Challenge and Workshop (AV+EC 2015) “Bridging Across Audio, Video and Physio” will be the fifth competition event aimed at comparison of multimedia processing and machine learning methods for automatic audio, visual and – for the first time also – physiological emotion analysis, with all participants competing under strictly the same conditions.
Brisbane, Australia, 26 October 2015
Emotion and Computing - Current research and future impact
The workshop series focuses on the role of affect and emotion in computer systems including the three research areas of emotion recognition, emotion generation (or expression) and emotion modeling, with special attention to AI specific problems and applications. Both shallow and deep models of emotion are in the focus of interest. The goal of the workshop is to provide a forum for the presentation of research as well as of existing and future applications and for lively discussions among researchers and industry.
Dresden, Germany, 21 September 2015
Interdisciplinary Workshop on Laughter and other Non-Verbal Vocalisations in Speech
University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands, 14 April 2015

Tool of the day

Geneva Emotion Analyst

This expert system, based on Klaus Scherer's Component Process Model asks the participant a number of questions about an emotional experience he or she has had recently and then tries to diagnose the nature of the emotional state on the basis of theoretical predictions.
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Researcher of the day

Laurence Devillers
Laurence Devillers
Key research interests:

Study of Real-life emotions in audio (call centers) and multimodal contexts (TV Clips), Complex Emotions Representation (Blended, Masked, Conflictual, etc.), Multi-level Annotation Scheme: Emotion, Context and Multimodal cues, Detection of Emotion in Spoken Interaction, Using annotations of corpus for the specification of ECAs.
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