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Research on Affective Computing, Emotions and Human-Machine Interaction

The Association for the Advancement of Affective Computing

CBAR 2015
The 3rd International Workshop on Context Based Affect Recognition (CBAR 2015) will be held in conjunction with IEEE FG 2015 in May 2015 in Ljubljiana, Slovenia –
Ljubljiana, Slovenia, 04 May 2015
Interdisciplinary Workshop on Laughter and other Non-Verbal Vocalisations in Speech
Following the previous workshops on laughter held in Saarbruecken (2007), Berlin (2009), and Dublin (2012), we have the pleasure to announce a forthcoming workshop in Enschede, the Netherlands in April 2015. The goal of this workshop is to bring together scientists from diverse research areas and to provide an exchange forum for interdisciplinary discussions in order to gain a better understanding of laughter and other non-verbal vocalisations. The workshop will consist of invited talks and oral presentations of ongoing research and discussion papers.
University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands, 14 April 2015

Tool of the day

Ontology of Emotional Body Expressions Synthesis
This ontology provides an structure to classify a group of different deictic gestures, encoded with MPEG-4 BAPs: 'explain', 'oh my God' (both hands over head), 'leave me alone', 'raise hand' (draw attention), 'bored' (one hand under chin), 'wave' and 'clapping'. MPEG-4 animations are categorized inside one or more Whissel's wheel quadrant; and each emotion has values associated of the six expres... 
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Researcher of the day

Jean-Claude Martin
Jean-Claude Martin
Key research interests:

Cooperation between modalities in multimodal communication. Multimodal corpora. Specification of cooperation between modalities in Embodied Conversational Agents. Fusion of user's speech and gesture.
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