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Information related to the WP10 workshop in Vienna, November 6-8, 2006. Local contacts: PaoloPetta and StefanRank

Page WP10 workshop schedule
The schedule of the WP10 workshop with links to the presentations and background material for sessions and individual contributions.
Folder WP10 workshop presentation materials
Materials of WP10 workshop presentations
Page WP10 workshop: Registered persons
These 42 persons participated in the WP10 workshop.
Page Gesticon Multimodal Behaviour Description Meeting 2006
This meeting is devoted to the discussion of representation formats for specifying multimodal behaviour in embodied conversational agents (ECAs). Researchers within HUMAINE have been working on the development of a representation language for building repositories of multimodal behaviour, so called Gesticons. This has been complemented by work on SAIBA, a common architecture for embodied agents, initiated by researchers outside HUMAINE. The meeting in Vienna is to both deepen and consolidate the cooperation in this community. At the same time, it offers an opportunity to build a new platform for discussing the topic of behaviour representations by presenting it to a broader circle of experts from both within and outside HUMAINE.
Folder GesticonMeetingMaterials
Presentation materials from the Gesticon Multimodal Behaviour Description Meeting 2006
Page WP10 workshop: How to get to the workshop venue
Public transport itineraries to Hotel Modul from Vienna Airport, Hotel Regina, and other locations.
Page WP10 workshop accomodation information
Information how to find accomodations at & near the workshop site.
Page WP10 workshop: Information about Vienna
Public transport in Vienna, Vienna weather forecast, the City of Vienna,...
Folder (Logistic Materials)
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