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Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan

Stockholm, Sweden

The INVOLVE group at the department of Computer and Systems sciences at Stockholm University/Royal Institute of Technology, is a newly formed group. Kristina Höök started to work at the department as a full professor February 2003 and has three PhD students enrolled in the group so far: Petra Fagerberg, MSc in Computer Sciences from KTH, Anna Ståhl, MSc in interaction designer from Umeå design school, and Jarmo Laaksolahti, MSc in Computer and Systems sciences. The focus is on social and affective interaction and narrative intelligence. Kristina Höök previously headed the HUMLE laboratory at SICS where her work centred around user-centred design of social navigation and affective interaction systems. In terms of affective interaction and emotions, she has had a special focus on user studies of such systems. Kristina Höök has worked in the EU-funded SAFIRA project and headed the EU-funded PERSONA.

Kristina Höök is full Professor at Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University/KTH since February 2003. She is also a part-time employee at SICS (Swedish Institute of Computer Science) where she used to work, leading the HUMLE laboratory with about 25 researchers. At the University she has started a new group, named INVOLVE, with a specific focus on affective interaction. Her work in the area of affective interaction has focused on user-centred design methods and evaluation. She took part in the SAFIRA project that was focused on building a set of affective applications and a toolkit to support development of such systems. Her previous work includes most notably work on social navigation and social computing.

Roberto Bresin is a senior researcher in the Department of Speech, Music and Hearing Music Group at KTH. His work deals with affective qualities of musical performance.

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