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Professor John Taylor has been Professor Emeritus at the Department of Mathematics since 1996. He has had a distinguished career in neural nets, and is now engaged in neural modelling of higher order cognitive processes including consciousness and mulitmodular nets for action, emotion and early processing. He has published over 450 scientific papers, authored 12 books and edited 13 others including The Promise of Neural Networks (Springer 1993), Mathematical Approaches to Neural Networks (Editor, Elsevier, 1994) and The Race for Consciousness (MIT Press, 1999). He is currently involved in two EU funded projects under the IST 5th Framework – ORESTEIA (as part of the Disappearing Computer Initiative) and ERMIS.

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INTETAIN 2016 Utrecht, the Netherlands,
28 June 2016
INTETAIN 2016 Utrecht,
28 June 2016
eNTERFACE'16 University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands,
18 July 2016
Special Session Affective Brain-Computer Interaction, IEEE WCCI July 2016 Vancouver Vancouver, BC Canada,
25 July 2016
Emotion and Computing Klagenfurt, Austria,
26 September 2016
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