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The Centre for Scientific and Technological Research (ITC-irst) aims towards the solution of real problems driven by the need for technological innovation in the economic world. The centre is a point of reference in a scientific panorama collaborating with numerous and prestigious national and international research institutions. Activity at ITC-irst on emotions is dealt with by the Cognitive and Communication Technologies Division. The research activities of TCC include natural language-based dialogue; natural language generation; information extraction from texts; question answering; development and maintenance of linguistic resources; multimedia and multimodality. Specifically ITC-irst has focused on a number of emotion studies, with a constructive-experimental perspective. They include work on computational generation of humorous expression , work on modeling persuasion mechanisms, and their role in future interfaces, work on multimodal interfaces that display emotion, such as synthetic faces and speech, work on emotion recognition in language. Members have wide experience in EU funded projects (3rd, 4th and 5th funded Frameworks.

Oliviero Stock has been at ITC-IRST since 1988 and has been its Director from 1997 to 2002. His activity is mainly in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, intelligent interfaces, humancomputer interaction, cognitive technologies. He is the author of over hundred and thirty published papers and author or editor of eight volumes, and member of the editorial board of a dozen scientific journals, including Computational Linguistics (previously), Artificial Intelligence, and (associate editor of) Applied Artificial Intelligence. He has also been an invited speaker at over sixty conferences, including ECAI-92 and IJCAI-99; participant or coordinator at over twenty panels. He has been Chairman of the European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence, President of the Association for Computational Linguistics and of the Italian AI Association and is an ECCAI Fellow. He has played a key role in the launch of many ITC-IRST-projects funded by European research programmes.

Fabio Pianesi was born in 1956. He received his degree in Psychology from the University of Rome (magna cum laude), in 1980, discussing a dissertation on “Visual evoked potentials and spatial frequencies“. He received the specialisation in Computer Science from the same university in 1986. He worked as a clinical neurolinguist from 1981 till 1987, specialising in the neuropsychology of language disturbances, in particular aphasia and dysphasia. In 1987 he started collaborating with the “Istituto di Psicologia of CNR” in Rome on computational linguistics topics. Since 1988 he has been at ITC-IRST where he is now serving as head of the TCC (Cognitive and Communication Technologies) division. He teaches Computational Linguistics at the University of Bergamo, Formal Linguistics at the University of Venice and Cognitive Ergonomics at the University of Trento. Fabio Pianesi has a long score of participations in projects funded by national (Italian) and international (European) agencies: GIST-LRE (FP3), Facile (FP4), NESPOLE! (5th FP), M-PIRO (5th FP) PF-STAR (5th FP), TAL (MIUR).

Massimo Zancanaro is a senior scientist at ITC-IRST. He received a "laurea" degree in Computer Science from the University of Milano in 1992 and joined the Cognitive and Communication Technology Division at ITC-IRST in 1993. His primary research interest is in the area of Intelligent Interfaces in particular language-based interfaces. Recently, he worked on the design issues related to mobile audio-based hypermedia. He was actively involved in many European funded project in the 3rd, 4th and 5th Framework.

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