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Lisbon, Portugal


Professor Ana Maria Severino de Almeida Paiva is a Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico in the Department of Informatics. She is well known in the area of Intelligent Agents, Affective Interactions, User Modelling and Artificial Intelligence Applied to Education. After her PhD in the UK at the University of Lancaster, she has worked in Germany (in GMD) and in France (CNRS-COAST team at the ENS of Lyon). In 1996 she returned to Portugal where she created a group on intelligent agents and synthetic characters. Her research is focused on the affective elements in the interactions between users and computers. She was member of numerous Program Committees of International Conferences, and workshops and was one of the co-chairs of the 1996 European Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education. She has (co)authored over 50 publications in refereed journals, conferences and books. She was coordinator in the participation of her group in several European projects, such as the IDEALS (funded under the Telematics program), NIMIS, an I3-ESE project, DiViLab, Safira, VICTEC and Coldex. She was the prime contractor of the project Safira in the area of Affective Interactions.

Professor Mário Rui Fonseca dos Santos Gomes is Professor of Computer Graphics and User Interfaces at the Instituto Superior Técnico. From 1991 to 1997, he was also the Coordinator of INESC´s Multimedia Center. He obtained his M.S. in 1984, his PhD in 1991 and his Aggregation in 1998, all at Instituto Superior Técnico. Professor Gomes has been a member of the Programme and Organising Committees of several national and international conferences. He has been involved in different National (JNICT, PEDIP, PITIE), European (CTS/2 (CGI), DELTA (DEDICATED), TELEMATICS (IDEALS), ACTTS (RESOLV) and ESPRIT(INTERACTORS, TEN-PRO)) and International Projects (SFS/Nato (PO-SHOECAD)). Professor Gomes is a founding member of the WG5.10 on Computer Graphics of IFIP TC5, a member of IFIP TC13 on Human-Computer Interaction and a member of the Portuguese Technical Committee for Standardisation on Computer Graphics - CT 109. He is also a member of Ordem dos Engenheiros, ACM, ACM-SIGGRAPH and Eurographics.

Carlos António Roque Martinho is a teaching assistant at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) of the Technical University of Lisbon. His main research interests are synthetic personality and emotions. In his master’s thesis entitled "Emotions in Motion", he developed an architectural framework for real-time intelligent virtual environments with emotionally driven autonomous agents, which was used to create an underwater world featuring two dolphins (Expo´98) that was presented at main international conferences and published in international journals.

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