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Inesc Id - Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores: Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Lisboa


INESC-ID is a not-for-profit institution dedicated to research in the field of information technology, electronics and telecommunications. The principal objectives of INESC-ID are to conduct cutting-edge research in the fields of information technology, electronics and telecommunications, and to transfer technology to the industry by means of R&D contracts and training courses. The Group of Intelligent Agents and Synthetic Characters (GAIPS) of INESC-ID is a research group lead by Prof. Ana Paiva which primary aim is the building of learning or entertainment applications based on multi-agent architectures. The group GAIPS has 15 people working on several aspects of intelligent agents and affective interactions. The group has been involved in several different European projects in the area of affective interactions in particular the projects COLDEX (IST, V Framework), VICTEC (IST, V Framework) and SAFIRA (IST, V Framework), where INESC-ID was the prime contractor.

Nuno Otero has a Bachelor's Degree (five years) in Psychology at Higher Institute of Applied Psychology (ISPA). The undergraduate thesis investigated user interface design issues concerning virtual environments. He did his Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence by the University of Sussex. The title of the thesis was "Interactivity in Graphical Representations: assessing its benefits for learning". Particular questions addressed by the thesis include: how the use of distinct types of interactivity in graphical representations improve learning and how learners' previous knowledge and cognitive abilities influence their interaction and consequent performance with these type of representations. His current research focuses more on aspects of distributed cognition in general; the design and evaluation of interactive learning environments, especially issues concerning the external representations conveyed by the systems; the process of externalisation and its implications on learning tasks; the design and evaluation of interfaces between intelligent agents and synthetic characters and humans and the affective elements in such interfaces.

Rui Prada has finished his degree in computer science at IST - Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal in 1999. Since then he is a research assistant at INESC-ID. On January 2000 he started his PhD on the link between Collaboration and Emotion in Intelligent Software Agents in IST. He has participated in several EU research projects such as NIMIS, DIVILAB, SAFIRA, COLDEX and currently is working on ELVIS. He is the (co)author of several publications in refereed books, journals and conferences. His research interests are in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Software Agents, Affective Interfaces, Knowledge Representation, Social Intelligent Agents and Virtual Collaborative Environments.

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