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Paris, France

France Telecom R&D is working with numerous partners including universities and manufacturers from all over Europe on over 100 co-operative research projects, which are partially financed by the European Union. These projects are part of the ACTS, ESPRIT and TELEMATICS programs. In the field of human interactions (Human Interaction Division), the multiplication of telecommunications services should result in a radical simplification of their utilization, rather than leading the user into a world where technology would be all-powerful. Exploratory research and studies are conducted upstream in all areas connected with human interaction, i.e. images, movement, sound and voice. Communication habits and modes are analysed to determine basic trends and their evolution. The services of the future are envisioned and invented by working with customers in creativity workshops. Then, those services are tested with groups of users in order to ensure relevance and quality. The following aspects are systematically considered: human interaction, ergonomics, quality and user-friendliness in the access to and the utilization of those services. Moreover, great research efforts are undertaken in order to humanize man-machine interfaces. One aspect of this research is related to emotion and expressiveness. Currently, FTR&D participates in the IST ERMIS project devoted to "Emotionally Rich Man-machine Interaction Services" and two PhD theses dealing with emotion and expressiveness in vocal services are in progress.

Dr Olivier Rosec received his M.Sc in electronics from the Institut Supérieur d’Electronique de Paris in 1994 and his PhD from the Université de Bretagne Occidentale in 2000. From 1996 until 1999 he worked at IFREMER as a research engineer in acoustics and signal processing. Since 2000 he has joined FTR&D as a signal processing researcher. His current research interests lie in the scope of speech synthesis: parametric modeling, analysis, high-quality speech processing and coding, voice conversion and unit selection algorithms for corpus-based TTS systems. He is currently involved in the IST ERMIS project dedicated to "Emotionally Rich Man-machine Interaction Systems".

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