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The InfoMus Lab, established in 1984 as a part of DIST (Department of Communication, Computer, and Systems Sciences of the University of Genoa, Italy), carries out scientific and musical research, design, development, and experimentation of key technologies and systems for music, dance, theatre, edutainment, museums and cultural institutions (e.g., science centers). The main research issues include computational models of non-verbal expressive communication with special focus on movement (e.g., dance, full-body movements), audio (e.g., music), expressive multimodal interfaces for music and performing arts (e.g., dance, CVEs, MR), musical informatics, artificial intelligence, and software engineering. The InfoMus Lab also develops multimedia systems for the testing and experimenting of research outputs in real application scenarios with industry, artistic institutions, museums and science centres. The team is widely experienced in major collaborative projects. Research projects related to the HUMAINE proposal include the EU ESPRIT BRA Project MIAMI (Multimodal Interaction for Advanced Multimedia Interfaces), the Kansei Information Processing project (1998): joint research with Waseda University, Tokyo, on MR applications for interactive museums exhibits involving human-robot multimodal interfaces, the EU IST Project MEGA (Multi-sensory Expressive Gesture Applications 2000 - 2003), which developed the EyesWeb open software platform, the EU IST Project CARE HERE (Creating Aesthetically Resonant Environments for the Handicapped, Elderly and Rehabilitation), the EU TMR Project MOSART  (Network of Excellence on “Musical Informatics”), and the COST action ConGAS (2003-2005) on research on Gesture in Music Performance. In the VI Framework Programme DIST InfoMus Lab is also involved in the IST Network of Excellence Enactive and in the IST Project TAI-CHI.

Antonio Camurri is an Associate Professor at University of Genova where he teaches the courses of “Software engineering” and “Multimedia Systems” (Computer Engineering curriculum). Founder and scientific director of the InfoMus Lab at DIST, member of the Executive Committee (ExCom) of the IEEE CS Technical Committee on Computer Generated Music, Associate Editor of the international Journal of New Music Research (Swets&Zeitlinger). Author of more than 70 scientific international publications. Served in the scientific committees of international conferences. Owner of patents on software and computer systems, algorithms and multimedia systems. Chair of scientific events related to the project: First Intl Workshop on Kansei – The Technology of Emotion, Genova, October 1997, AIMI and IEEE CS; Tracks on “Kansei Information Processing” at the IEEE Intl Conf SMC’98 and at the IEEE Intl Conf SMC’99; co-chair at V Intl Gesture Workshop, April 2003, Genova (Springer); Guest Editor of IEEE Multimedia special issue on “Multisensory Communication and Experience through Multimedia” (2004). Coordinator of the EU Project IST 20410 MEGA.

Gualtiero Volpe, PhD, computer engineer, research assistant at DIST InfoMus Lab at University of Genoa. He received his degree in computer science engineering from University of Genova in 1999. His research interests include intelligent and affective human-machine interaction, modeling and real-time analysis and synthesis of expressive content in music and dance, Kansei information processing, and artificial emotions. He is the main developer and project manager of the EyesWeb Expressive Gesture Processing software library and he is member of the main staff of the EyesWeb research team. Co-chair at V Intl Gesture Workshop, April 2003, Genova (post proceedings published by Springer), Guest Editor of a special issue of the Journal of New Music Research on Expressive Gesture in Performing Arts and New Media (2004).

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