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La Cantoche Production

Vincennes, France

Since 1996, Cantoche has been singled out as one of the world leaders in the animation of interactive characters. Cantoche is grounded in two unique areas of expertise: the artistic field for the creation and animation of characters, and the software development, with its proprietary Agent technologies, Living Actor. More than 100 different characters have been created by Cantoche. For instance, interactive characters such as Victor (for Hewlett-Packard) and Margarite (for Gateway) reside within the computer's operating system helping software, while characters such as Laure and Thomas (Gan Prévoyance) and Méthanie (Gaz of France) can be met on the Internet. Cantoche has also created Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck characters for Warner Bros CDROMS applications, and the interactive Qmark, which resides directly within the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. Cantoche have been making great strides toward the integration of a Behavioral Intelligence Engine in the heart of the Living Actor™ technology. This revolutionary system will make it possible to give greater autonomy to the interactive actor, who will automatically create his own behaviors adapted to his texts and messages, in real time. The character will then be sufficiently intelligent to automatically represent his dialogue in gestures, attitudes, and expressions.

Benoît Morel is the co-founder and CEO of the French company, Cantoche, a world leader in Embodied Agent using the patented technology, Living Actor™ Benoît has created. Following his career as Sound Engineer and Producer at Radio France, Benoît worked in the video game industry for 10 years producing CGI animation across a variety of formats - notably video games, interactive shows, internet websites, and particularly, character animation. He is the creator of the most downloaded agent, "James the Butler." His book chapter on Living Actor™ technology will soon appear in Agent Culture, published by Lawrence Erlbaum. Benoît also consults multinationalorganizations, companies, research institutes, and universities on EmbodiedAgent design and deployment.

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