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HUMAINE Emotion Annotation and Representation Language (EARL)

Proposal and Specification -- Version 0.4.0, 30 June 2006

This report proposes a syntax for an XML-based language for representing and annotating emotions in technological contexts. In contrast to existing markup languages, where emotion is often represented in an ad-hoc way as part of a specific language, we propose a language aiming to be usable in a wide range of use cases, including corpus annotation as well as systems capable of recognising or generating emotions. We describe the scientific basis of our choice of emotion representations and the use case analysis through which we have determined the required expressive power of the language. We illustrate core properties of the proposed language using examples from various use case scenarios.

There has been quite a bit of feedback on this specification already; a number of issues and questions have been raised. They are compiled on the following page:

Open issues and questions

You are welcome to add your comments to that page!
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