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Network of Excellence HUMAINE

Introduction to the HUMAINE network

HUMAINE (Human-Machine Interaction Network on Emotion) is a Network of Excellence in the EU's Sixth Framework Programme, in the IST (Information Society Technologies) Thematic Priority IST-2002- Multimodal Interfaces.

The HUMAINE Network (Contract no. 507422) started on 1st January 2004, and is set out to run for four years. 33 partners from 14 countries participate in the network.

Project summary

HUMAINE aims to lay the foundations for European development of systems that can register, model and/or influence human emotional and emotion-related states and processes - 'emotion-oriented systems'. Such systems may be central to future interfaces, but their conceptual underpinnings are not sufficiently advanced to be sure of their real potential or the best way to develop them. One of the reasons is that relevant knowledge is dispersed across many disciplines. HUMAINE brings together leading experts from the key disciplines in a programme designed to achieve intellectual integration. It identifies six thematic areas that cut across traditional groupings and offer a framework for an appropriate division of labour - theory of emotion; signal/sign interfaces; the structure of emotionally coloured interactions; emotion in cognition and action; emotion in communication and persuasion; and usability of emotion-oriented systems. Teams linked to each area will run a workshop in it and carry out joint research to define an exemplar embodying guiding principles for future work in their area. Cutting across these are plenary sessions where teams from all areas report; activities to create necessary infrastructure (databases recognising cultural and gender diversity, an ethical framework, an electronic portal); and output to the wider community in the form of a handbook and recommendations of good practice (as precursors to formal standards).

Presentations about HUMAINE

Here you can find the slides of some presentations, in pdf form.

Technical annex

The HUMAINE Technical Annex has been made publicly available (except for some confidential parts).

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