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JUCS Special Issue on Trending Breakthroughs in Human-Computer Interaction 2014

Special Issue on "Trending Breakthroughs in Human-Computer Interaction" to be published in the International Journal of Universal Computer Science.

Deadline:  31 January 2014

MAC2014 -- 1st International Workshop on Multimedia Affective Computing

14 July 2014 - 18 July 2014   CHENGDU, CHINA

This workshop is to increase the attention of multimedia society on human-centered multimedia computing, where sensing human affect and emotion plays an essential role; present the state-of-the-art research in the related areas; and discuss the challenges and potential opportunities in multimedia affective computing.

Deadline:  23 March 2014

2nd CFP CARs@AAMAS (Culturally-Aware Robotic and Agent Systems)

06 May 2014 - 06 May 2014   Paris

The main focus of the workshop is on understanding the influence of culture on many human processes that affect human-robot interactions be it directly or indirectly. Culture aware robots can thus be defined as robotic systems, where culture-related information has had some impact on its design, run time or internal processes, structures, and/or objectives.

Deadline:  28 February 2014

INTERSPEECH 2014 Computational Paralinguistics Challenge (ComParE)

14 September 2014 - 18 September 2014   Singapore, Singapore

The Interspeech 2014 Computational Paralinguistics ChallengE (ComParE) is an open Challenge dealing with states of speakers as manifested in their speech signal’s acoustic properties. There have so far been five consecutive Challenges at INTERSPEECH since 2009 (cf. the Challenge series‘ repository at, but there still exists a multiplicity of not yet covered, but highly relevant paralinguistic phenomena. Likewise, we introduce two new tasks by the Cognitive Load Sub-Challenge and the Physical Load Sub-Challenge.

Deadline:  24 March 2014

Distributed Multimedia Systems 2014 - Special Session on Affective Multimedia Systems

27 August 2014 - 29 August 2014   Wyndham Pittsburgh University Center, Pittsburgh, USA

The main theme of the 20th International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems (DMS'2014) is Sentient Multimedia Systems, which are distributed systems capable of actively interacting with the environment by gathering, processing, interpreting, storing and retrieving multimedia information originated from sensors, robots, actuators, websites and other information sources. The conference organizers seek contributions of high quality papers, panels or tutorials, addressing any novel aspect of sentient multimedia systems that significantly benefits from the incorporation/integration of multimedia data (e.g., visual, audio, pen, voice, image, etc.), for presentation at the conference and publication in the proceedings. Both research and case study papers or demonstrations describing results in research area as well as industrial development cases and experiences are solicited. The use of prototypes and demonstration video for presentations is encouraged.

Deadline:  01 May 2014


26 May 2014 - 27 May 2014   Reykjavik, Iceland

The fifth instalment of the highly successful series of Corpora for Research on Emotion held at the last LRECs (2006, 2008, 2010, 2012) will help bridging the gap between research on human emotion, social signals and sentiment from speech, text, and further modalities, and low availability of language and multimodal resources and labelled data for learning and testing.

Deadline:  10 February 2014

CARs@HRI: Workshop on Culture Aware Robotics

03 March 2014 - 03 March 2014   Bielefeld

The main focus of the workshop is on understanding the influence of culture on many human processes that affect human-robot interactions be it directly or indirectly. Culture aware robots can thus be defined as robotic systems, where culture-related information has had some impact on its design, run time or internal processes, structures, and/or objectives.

Deadline:  10 January 2014

1st World Congress on Facial Expression of Emotion (2014, Porto-Portugal)

1st World Congress on Facial Expression of Emotion (WCFEE 2014), it will be held from October 9 to 11, 2014 in Hospital-School University Fernando Pessoa, Porto, Portugal.

2nd International Workshop on Intelligent Digital Games for Empowerment and Inclusion IDGEI 2014

24 February 2014 - 24 February 2014   Haifa, Israel

Digital Games for Empowerment and Inclusion possess the potential to change our society in a most positive way by preparing selected groups in a playful and fun way for their everyday life's social and special situations. Exemplary domains span as far as from children with Autism Spectrum Condition to young adults preparing for their first job interviews or migrants familiarizing with their new environment. The current generation of such games thereby increasingly demands for computational intelligence algorithms to help analyze players' behavior and monitor their motivation and interest to adapt game progress. The development of such games usually thus requires expertise from the general gaming domain, but in particular also from a game's target domain, besides technological savoir-faire to provide intelligent analysis and reaction solutions. IDGEI 2014 aims at bridging across these communities and disciplines by inviting respective researchers and experts to discuss their latest perspectives and findings in the field of Intelligent Digital Games for Empowerment and Inclusion.

Deadline:  20 December 2013

Special Session on Computational Intelligence for Physiological and Affective Computing, 2014 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence

06 July 2014 - 10 July 2014   Beijing, China

The special session aims to bring together researchers from the three areas of computational intelligence (neural networks, fuzzy systems, and evolutionary computation) to discuss how computational intelligence techniques can be used individually or in combination to help solve challenging affective computing problems, and conversely, how physiological and affect (emotion) and its modeling can inspire new approaches in computational intelligence and its applications.

Deadline:  20 December 2013

  • Posted by DongruiWu
  • Published: 09 November 2013

Call for Papers for BCI journal special issue on affective brain-computer interfaces

You are cordially invited to make a contribution to a special issue of Brain-Computer Interfaces (, entitled “Affective Brain-Computer Interfaces”. The special issue is a follow-up to the successful 3rd aBCI workshop held at the ACII conference in Geneva, in September 2013 ( But, this Call is open for every researcher working in the field of affective brain-computer interfacing and interested to contribute.

Call for candidates: AAAC (former Humaine) Executive Committee

Every two years the Association elects new members to its Executive Committee. This year we have 4 vacancies and we are calling for candidates.

University of Twente: PhD position on Automatic analysis of conversations in human-robot interactions

The Human Media Interaction group at the University of Twente is looking for a PhD candidate who will automatically analyse conversations based on the speakers' nonverbal vocal behaviors. The aims are to automatically determine the quality of social interaction between the speakers (both in dialogues and multi-party conversations) and the speakers' affective states. Qualitative aspects of social interaction include, amongst others, levels of engagement, cooperation, enjoyableness, valence and rapport.

7th Speech Prosody Conference

20 May 2014 - 23 May 2014   Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

The 7th Speech Prosody Conference will be held in Dublin, Ireland, May 20-23, 2014, at Trinity College Dublin, directly preceding LREC, the Linguistic Resources and Evaluation Conference.

Deadline:  13 December 2013

  • Posted by StefanRank
  • Published: 27 September 2013

Special Issue on Atypical Speech & Voices: Corpora, Classification, Coaching & Conversion

We openly invite papers describing various aspects of analysis and synthesis of atypical speech and voices as well as their successful applications.

Deadline:  01 February 2014

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