Aarti Malhotra

AI Researcher, PhD student

University of Waterloo

Resarch Interests: artificial intelligence, affective computing, cognitive science, neuroscience, psychology, emotional decision making, affect control theory, assistive technology

Aarti is a passionate AI researcher with strong academic and professional background. She has degrees from University of Mumbai (B.E IT. , 2003) and the University of Waterloo (M.Math. Computer Science, 2016). She was also a researcher in IIT, Mumbai in 2002-2003. She is currently pursuing PhD from University of Waterloo. She has published research papers at AAAI, IWAAL and Pervasive Health conference. She has 16+ years of IT expertise in global corporations and also lead development of software application in healthcare. Her Google Scholar page can be viewed at https://scholar.google.ca/citations?user=nrO4fy0AAAAJ&hl=en