Shuichi Fukuda

Advisor, Professor (Emeritus)

Keio University

Resarch Interests: Emotional Engineering

Shuichi Fukuda received Dr. of Engineering from University of Tokyo (UT) in 1972. He worked at Department of Precision Machinery, UT and then Welding Research Institute, Osaka University. He worked concurrently with Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and he also engaged in DARPA’ initiative in Concurrent Engineering Project at West Virginia University (WVU) during these years. He also worked concurrently at the Institute of Industrial Science, UT. He moved to Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology (TMIT) as full professor in Systems Engineering and served Dean of Engineering, Dean of Library and Information sSystems and concurrently served Tokyo Metropolitan Government as 1st Director for Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Center. During TMIT years, he worked concurrently at Concurrent Engineering Research Center, WVU, Welding Research Institute, Osaka University, Open University of Japan, and Cranfield University, UK and Learning Laboratory, Stanford University, as visiting professor. For two years before retirement from TMIT, he contributed very much to the integration of TMIT and Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU) and re-organized departments. For this contribution, he was given the title of Emeritus Professor from both TMIT and TMU. After retirement, he worked as Consulting Professor, Stanford University, as visiting professor at Open University of Japan and as part time member of Japanese Government at Science Council of Japan. Since 2014, he has been working as advisor at Systems Design and Management Research Institute, Keio University, Japan.