Toon van Waterschoot

Assistant Professor

KU Leuven

Resarch Interests: audio processing, speech processing, room acoustics, audio engineering

Toon van Waterschoot received MSc (2001) and PhD (2009) degrees in Electrical Engineering from KU Leuven, Belgium, where he is currently a tenure-track Assistant Professor. He has previously held teaching and research positions at Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands and the University of Lugano in Switzerland. His research interests are in signal processing, machine learning, and numerical optimization, applied to acoustic signal enhancement, acoustic modeling, audio analysis, and audio reproduction. He has been the Scientific Coordinator of the Marie Curie Initial Training Network “Dereverberation and Reverberation of Audio, Music, and Speech (DREAMS)” and currently holds a Consolidator Grant of the European Research Council on “The Spatial Dynamics of Room Acoustics (SONORA)”. He has been serving as an Associate Editor for the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society and for the EURASIP Journal on Audio, Music, and Speech Processing. He is a Director of the European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP), a Member of the IEEE Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing Technical Committee, and a Founding Member of the European Acoustics Association’s Technical Committee in Audio Signal Processing. He was the General Chair of the 60th AES International Conference in Leuven, Belgium (2016).