Rogério Eduardo da Silva

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Trinity College Dublin

Resarch Interests: Character Animation, Machine Learning, Affective Computing

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Trinity College Dublin-Ireland (2018-current) Faculty in CS at UDESC - Santa Catarina State University, Brazil (2003-sabbatical) Ph.D. in Information Systems and Technology, Univ. of Minho-Portugal (2008-2014) MS in Computer Science and Mathematical Computing, USP-Brazil (1999-2001) BS in Computer Science, UFMT-Brazil (1992-1997) ------------------------------------------------------------ I study applications for Artificial Intelligence on Digital Entertainment: computer games, animations, storytelling and synthetic characters. Also, I am the coordinator of a research project called Project D.R.A.M.A. (Developing Rational Agents to Mimic Actors) that aims at creating novel authoring tools for character animations based on autonomous digital actors. Currently, I'm working on automatic intelligent tagging of media assets like motion capture data and 3D models. The goal is to make these assets "findable" in a massive database, hence facilitating reuse into new productions.