Joost Broekens

Assistant Professor

TU Delft

Resarch Interests: Emotion Theory, Reinforcement Learning, Human Robot/Agent Interaction, Cognitive Appraisal Theory, Affective Self-report

Joost Broekens (PhD in computer science at the University of Leiden, NL, 2007) is assistant professor of Affective Computing at the Intelligent Systems Department of the TU Delft (NL), and co-founder and CTO of Interactive Robotics. He has published extensively on computational models of emotion (applied in games, robots, agents, and theoretical), as well as on computational modeling of mood (ranging from self-report to expression through robotic gestures in human-robot interaction). He is member of the executive board of the Association for the Advancement of Affective Computing (AAAC), associate editor of the Adaptive Behavior journal, and member of the steering committee of the IEEE Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction Conference. He has organized multiple interdisciplinary workshops on topics including computational modelling of emotion (Lorentz, Leiden, 2011), grounding emotion in adaptation (IROS, 2016), and emotion as feedback signals (Lorentz, Leiden, 2016). He edited several special issues on these topics in, e.g., Springer LNAI, IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing, and Adaptive Behavior. His research interests include emotions in reinforcement learning, emotions in computational models of cognitive appraisal, emotions in games, human perception and effects of emotions expressed by virtual agents and robots, emotional and affective self-report, and human-robot interaction.