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As the wiki format is a very open one, we should agree on some basic guidelines to attain a certain homogeneity.

Good practice

First of all, always provide a short summary note to explain what you have changed. This will allow others looking at the Recent changes list to quickly get an idea of what you have done.

Respect, and the Neutral point of view

Try to maintain a neutral point of view, i.e., present all aspects and disputed opinions about a topic as objectively as possible. This should help in avoiding "editing wars". Do not claim to have "the right answer", but to have "an answer".

Think twice before deleting substantial parts of what somebody else has written. Are you sure you know better, and that you do not just adhere to a different opinion?

It is fine to reformulate, elaborate, complement, etc.; to relativise an oversimplified or overly general statement; and of course to add material you consider relevant.

You may also want to restructure content: If a page grows long, you may consider moving a section into its own page, and to link to that new page from the old one. Please do mention such restructuring in the page history note.

Scientific articles and references

If you want to refer to a scientific article, please create a wiki link for it. That way, the bibliographical data can be added to one place, and many places can refer to that page. Use link names like BanseScherer1996, and add the full bibliographical information on the target page. If an article is available online, it would be very helpful to also add a link. If you have a summary to give for a paper, please do so (Always respecting the neutral point of view, of course)! This may be very useful to others.

Reference format: Please always give a human-readable form. If you can, please also provide a Bibtex entry.

Note that this approach, combined with the portal's search facility (in the top right corner of the page), bears the potential to become extremely valuable for all of us.

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