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What is it?

"Researcher of the day" is an innovative means for building and personalising a research community, which is one of the main goals of the HUMAINE network. Every day, one of the listed researchers is randomly selected and displayed on the portal front page for the full day's duration. Through this entertaining and informative means, participants get to know each others better.

All researchers registered in the HUMAINE portal have the opportunity to provide some basic information about themselves and thus become eligible for listing.

How can I get listed?

In order to become eligible for the daily "lottery" for becoming researcher of the day, you must first be registered.

You then need to personalise your settings, providing the following information:
  • your full name
  • your homepage
  • your affiliation (the institute in which you are working)
  • your affiliation URL (the homepage of your institute)
  • A short list of key research interests in the domain of emotions and human-machine interaction
  • Set your "listed status" to "listed"
  • upload a portait of yourself, either as GIF or as JPEG -- recommended: 75 pixels wide, 100 pixels high (pictures smaller than 50x50 or larger than 200x200 will not be accepted; only GIF and JPEG please!).
After filling out the form, click "save".

Once you have fully completed the form, the "Researcher of the day listing status" should confirm that your data is complete. If it continues claiming that the data is incomplete, carefully re-read the above instructions and correct the missing pieces of information.

Good luck with the "lottery"! :-)

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