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In order to make an announcement to be listed in the "community news" or "humaine news" list, proceed as follows.

Workshop, conference, or special issue of a journal
You can use our beautiful, self-explaining new workshop wizard to make announcements.

Other News

  • In "My Folder", click "add new item"->"News Item"
  • Fill in the form, save
  • Click "state"->"submit" to submit the news item. As soon as the news item has been reviewed and published, it will appear in the "news" section.

INTETAIN 2016 Utrecht, the Netherlands,
28 June 2016
INTETAIN 2016 Utrecht,
28 June 2016
eNTERFACE'16 University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands,
18 July 2016
Special Session Affective Brain-Computer Interaction, IEEE WCCI July 2016 Vancouver Vancouver, BC Canada,
25 July 2016
Emotion and Computing Klagenfurt, Austria,
26 September 2016
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