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This is the portal guide section of the HUMAINE portal, containing all documentation on how to use the portal.

No content regarding the research topic here!

What is this portal?

Aims of the portal website
Why does HUMAINE put so much effort into its portal website?
Scope of the wiki
What to add and what not to add to the Know-how melting pot


There is an introductory presentation of the portal in pdf format.

How to become an Association member

Find out how to register as a member of the HUMAINE Association.

How to contribute

How to add bibliography references to the portal.
Foreseen Applications
Find out what is behind Foreseen Applications and how you can file your own..
Researcher of the day
Find out what is behind the Researcher of the day and how you can get yourself listed.
How do I make an announcement
How to create a News Item and/or an Event in order to announce e.g. a Call for Papers.
File a job offer
How to file a job offer or a job request related to emotion research and human-machine interaction.
Question of the day
Find out what is behind the Question of the day and how you can contribute your own.

And some background info on good style:

What is wiki
An introduction into the basic idea of the wiki approach to collaborative web document editing.
Formatting Howto
Learn about the formatting possibilities available when editing the wiki pages in this portal.
Wiki good practice
Guidelines for writing and editing wiki articles in the know-how melting pot.


How to report an error
I have found a problem with the functioning of the portal. How to I report it?

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