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The pages in the know-how melting pot are HTML pages which you can edit using a WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get) editor called Epoz. It should work in any recent browser (IE >= 5.5, Mozilla >= 1.3.1, Netscape >= 7.1). It will take the burden of hand-coding the text format off your shoulder and even supports copy-paste of formatted text (e.g. from a word document). During the edit process, if you want to manually check the HTML code which is generated, switch to source view (and back) via the little tick-box in the lower left corner of the edit window. This also allows you to add advanced html functionality not provided by the WYSIWYG editor.

A Wiki link is inserted using square brackets, as in [example]. It will at first be shown as [example]?, indicating a link to a not-yet-existing wiki page. By clicking on the question mark, you can create a new page. Once the corresponding wiki page is created, the [example] link will show up as a normal link.

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