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HUMAINE aims to lay scientific foundations, not to build applications; nevertheless, having a vision of potential applications in 10 to 50 years' time gives us an idea where we are headed, and is  thus important for determining suitable intermediate goals.

The Foreseen Applications mechanism is a dynamic way to present and discuss ideas about the potential applications of emotion-oriented technology. Every day, a randomly selected foreseen application is presented. All visitors to the portal will see the description; registered members have the opportunity to comment on it (and on previous comments). Thereby, the discussion within the network gains a lively and always new element.

Have you ever thought about the useful or fascinating applications that you would like to see some day, and that require emotional competence of some sort? Share them with the rest of us here!

Proceed as follows:
  • visit
  • Type in a (short) title for the foreseen application in the designated field
  • Add a short (3-5 line) description in the designated field  - this will be shown on the front page when your foreseen application is selected by the random process
  • Click on "Save"
  • If you wish to add more details, use the "add comment" button.
That's all!
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