Computational Paralinguistics Challenge (ComParE), Interspeech 2017

Addressee, Cold, Snoring

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12 September 2017

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Winners of the Challenge announced.

  • Bjorn Schuller (University of Passau, Germany AND Imperial College London, UK)
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Officially started:

31 January 2017 (Cold Sub-Challenge)

10 February 2017 (Addressee Sub-Challenge)

16 February 2017 (Snoring Sub-Challenge)

The Challenge

The Interspeech 2017 Computational Paralinguistics ChallengE (ComParE) is an open Challenge dealing with states and traits of speakers as manifested in their speech signal’s acoustic properties. There have so far been eight consecutive Challenges at INTERSPEECH since 2009 (cf. the repository), but there still exists a multiplicity of not yet covered, but highly relevant paralinguistic phenomena. Thus, we introduce three new tasks by the Addressee Sub-Challenge, the Cold Sub-Challenge, and the Snoring Sub-Challenge.

For the tasks, the data are provided by the organisers.

For the Addressee Sub-Challenge, Elika Bergelson, Marisa Casillas, Amanda Seidl, Melanie Soderstrom, Andrei Amatuni, and Anne Warlaumont are providing the Homebank Child/Adult Addressee Corpus (HB-CHAAC). This corpus is comprised of recordings of conversations involving babies/toddlers and their caregivers and siblings in their natural home environment using the LENA recording device. A random selection of 20 conversations from each of 61 homes are included. These include 2523 minutes of home recording, with 288 minutes of adult speech hand-labelled as 'child-directed' or 'adult-directed'. The task is to determine whether the adult is speaking to a child (child-directed speech) or another adult (adult-directed speech).

Past Events

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