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Payr, S. (2006). Social role management in human-computer interaction i (Report No. 2006-15). Wien: OFAI (Österreichisches Forschungsinstitut für Artificial Intelligence).

This is a publication.

 This report summarises research undertaken in the first year of the sub-project 4 "Social Role Management in Human-Computer Interaction" of the FFG SELP project "Advanced Knowledge Technologies: Grounding, Fusion, Applications". The first part describes the corpus of human-human and human-machine dialogues that have been collected. The second part reviews methods of discourse analysis that are being used for dialogue analysis. The aspect of social relationships considered at this stage are inequalities in power, be they institutional or interactional. This theme has influenced the review of methods and the first analyses that have been undertaken. It is already possible to present and discuss some of the results in terms of discourse strategies and devices, from literature as well as from our own analyses. It is shown that it is possible to apply these notions to human-machine dialogues. Examples show the relevance of the approach and underline the importance of parallel and comparative use of data from human-human and human-machine dialogues. Only in this way it is possible to describe not only the presence but also the absence of certain discursive signals and the effects of this presence/absence on the social or socio-technical relationship between humans and conversational machines.
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