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Rank, S., Petta, P., Rank, S., & Petta, P. (2007). From actaffact to behbehbeh: increasing affective detail in a story-world. In Cavazza M., Donikian S. (Ed.), Virtual Storytelling: Fourth International Conference (ICVS 2007), St.Malo, France, EU, December, 2007. Proceedings (pp. 206-209). Berlin Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag.

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 Story-worlds are virtual worlds inhabited by synthetic characters that provide an environment in which users participate actively in the creation of a narrative. Implementation approaches range from plot-driven to character-based. Character-based approaches require synthetic agents with autonomy and personality. Affective agent architectures are used to construct such autonomous personality agents, and computational models of emotion are seen as a prerequisite for the required emotional and social competences. The present paper reports on ongoing work based on the experiences gained in earlier work, in particular TABASCO and ActAffAct (Acting Affectively affecting Acting).
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