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Kostas Karpouzis

Location: Athens, Greece

Senior researcher at the Image, Video and Multimedia systems lab; Student Activities Chair for IEEE Greece

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Article Reference
Estimation of behavioral user state based on eye gaze and head pose—application in an e-learning environment 27 October 2008
Towards Modelling Embodied Conversational Agent Character Profiles Using Appraisal Theory Predictions in Expression Synthesis 21 January 2008
User and Context Adaptive Neural Networks for Emotion Recognition 21 January 2008
Manual annotation and automatic image processing of multimodal emotional behaviors: validating the annotation of TV interviews 21 January 2008
Robust Feature Detection for Facial Expression Recognition 21 January 2008
KostasKarpouzis's Home Page 20 April 2007
HA paypal test 13 September 2012
test video 21 January 2009
Workshop on Affective Interaction in Natural Environments (AFFINE) in ICMI 2008/Crete 19 June 2008
Workshop on Affective Interaction in Natural Environments (AFFINE) in ICMI 2008/Crete 23 May 2008
IEEE TAP Special Issue on Multimodal Processing in Speech-based Interactions 14 May 2007
IEEE Signal Processing Magazine: Special Issue on Spoken Language Technology 03 May 2007
WP04 18 March 2008
D3a: Workshop proceedings: Theory 18 July 2007
Toolbox 21 September 2006
Cross-Currents meeting 22 June 2006
BoM 17 February 2005
WG.ppt 27 February 2008
rene-Santorini2.pdf 27 February 2008
slides-LIMSI-WP4.pdf 27 February 2008
santorini_noam.ppt 27 February 2008
ERMIS-MIT-Humaine-Santorini-Sept2004.ppt.pdf 27 February 2008
affine08 23 May 2008
KostasKarpouzis's Home 20 April 2007
Info for the cross-currents meeting 25 May 2006
Personal Messages 15 April 2004
Favorites 27 February 2004
head pose example 03 February 2010
Screenshot from the MMI facial expression database 29 September 2006
Screenshot from the MMI facial expression database 28 September 2006
Profiles for intemediate expressions 28 September 2006
Screenshot from running the Matlab code 21 September 2006
Incollection Reference
Modelling Naturalistic Affective States Via Facial, Vocal, and Bodily Expressions Recognition 21 January 2008
What can we learn from users of avatars in net environments? 13 October 2006
Strategies in the Evolution of Affect-Related Displays and Recognition 13 October 2006
The Evolution of Affect-Related Displays, Recognition and Related Strategies 13 October 2006
Inproceedings Reference
Five emotion classes detection in real-world call centre data: the use of various types of paralinguistic features 21 January 2008
Real-life emotions detection on human-human medical call center interactions 21 January 2008
Non-verbal feedback on user interest based on gaze direction and head pose 21 January 2008
Using Actor Portrayals to Systematically Study Multimodal Emotion Expression: The GEMEP Corpus 21 January 2008
The Link Between Temporal Attention and Emotion: A Playground for Psychology, Neuroscience, and Plausible Artificial Neural Networks 21 January 2008
Weather Forecast for Athens (sunny and hot!) 21 June 2006
Car/Taxi route to the hotel 25 May 2006
Map of the area 25 May 2006
The Margi Hotel 25 May 2006
Member Search 17 February 2005
News Item
University of Twente: PhD position on Automatic analysis of conversations in human-robot interactions 21 October 2013
CFP: ACII 2009 Doctoral Consortium 05 May 2009
Emotiv EPOC featured on the Discovery Channel 20 October 2008
'Affect and Emotion in Human-Computer Interaction' book now available online 01 September 2008
Robots learn to express emotions 07 July 2008
votes-president-elect-2011 14 February 2012
Proceedings Reference
[···] 21 January 2008
Toolbox Database
Head Pose and Eye Gaze (HPEG) Dataset 03 February 2010
MMI Facial Expression Database 28 September 2006
Toolbox Signal Analysis
Real-time eye gaze and head pose estimation 03 February 2010
Hand gesture analysis tool 21 September 2006
IEEE CIM Special Issue on Computational Intelligence and Affective Computing 11 July 2012
IEEE Trans. on Affective Computing – Special Issue on Emotion in Games 30 May 2012
Call for Proposals to host the Fifth International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (ACII 2013) 26 January 2012
4th International Workshop on Affective Interaction in Natural Environments (AFFINE) @ ICMI 2011 17 June 2011
EmoGames - Emotion in Games workshop @ ACII 2011 16 May 2011
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