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Hongying Meng

Location: London — Main Language: en

Dr. Hongying Meng is a Senior lecturer at Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering of Brunel University London, UK. Before that, he held research positions in several UK universities including University College London (UCL), University of York and University of Southampton. He is a honournary reseach associate of UCL. His research interests include affective computing, digital signal processing, machine learning, computer vision and embedded systems. He is espeically interested in emotional states recognition, facial expression analysis, multi-model interaction, movement modelling and computer games. His work entitled "Naturalistic Affective Expression Classification by a Multi-Stage Approach Based on Hidden Markov Models" on emotion recognition has won the audio sub-challennge of First International Audio/Visual Emotion Challenge (AVEC2011) at international conference ACII2011, Memphis, USA in 2011.

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